22e Réunion du GEST

La 22e réunion du Groupe d'évaluation scientifique et technique aura lieu au siège du Secrétariat, à Gland, Suisse, du lundi 18 au vendredi 22 mars 2019.

Rapport de la réunion


18 mars 2019 - 22 mars 2019


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1 Opening statements
1.1 Chair of the STRP
1.2 Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention
2 Approval of provisional agenda and working programme
2.1 Provisional agenda Show / hide docs
2.2 Provisional working programme Show / hide docs
3 Brief introduction of participants
4 Briefing on the Ramsar Convention and the STRP Show / hide docs
4.1 Overview of the Convention and its implementation Show / hide docs
4.2 Overview of STRP processes and procedures Show / hide docs
4.3 Overview of other international processes and their relevance to the work of the STRP for 2019-21
4.4 Communications and policy relevance of STRP outputs (CEPA)
4.5 Lessons learned from the 2016-2018 triennium
5 Thematic Work Areas (TWAs) and mandate from COP13 Resolutions
5.1 TWAs and literature survey Show / hide docs
5.2 Correlation analysis of requests in COP13 Resolutions with TWAs Show / hide docs
5.3 Advisory requests to STRP for the 57th meeting of the Standing Committee (SC57) Show / hide docs
6 Process and expected outcomes for the week and establishment of TWA groups
7 Working groups
7.1 Methodologies and tools for monitoring and inventory (within TWA 1) Show / hide docs
7.2 Peatlands (within TWA 2) Show / hide docs
7.3 Blue carbon (within TWA 5) Show / hide docs
7.4 Culture (within TWA 2), gender issues (within TWA 4), and tasks for SC57 Show / hide docs
7.5 Urban and peri-urban wetlands (within TWA 2) and economic valuation of wetlands (within TWA 3) Show / hide docs
8 Global Wetland Outlook Show / hide docs
9 Enhancing the utility and use of STRP outputs
10 Finalization of draft work plan
10.1 Consolidation of working group inputs, agreement of priorities and identification of costs
10.2 Adoption of draft work plan
11 Date and venue of the next meeting (STRP23)
12 Any other business
13 Closing remarks