The CEPA Oversight Panel

The CEPA Oversight Panel monitors and reports on the implementation of the Convention’s CEPA Programme and sets priorities for communication, education, participation, awarness and capacity building.

The CEPA Oversight Panel was established at Standing Committee 34 in 2006, following the request of the Contracting Parties through Resolution IX.18 of 2005. 

The terms of reference of the Panel were updated in 2022 through Resolution XIV.8. Its functions are to:

  • Deliver results originating from specific CEPA requests included in Resolutions of the Conference of the Contracting Parties and the Strategic Plan.
  • Examine CEPA needs and gaps in implementation in order to identify CEPA activities to be integrated in the Strategic Plan.
  • Monitor and report on current CEPA issues within the Convention and the progress of implementation of current CEPA Priorities, especially with reference to the CEPA activities included in the Strategic Plan as well as COP Resolutions. 
  • Advise the Standing Committee and the Secretariat on CEPA work priorities at the national and international levels, including the CEPA priorities of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP). 
  • Liaise with other multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) to improve CEPA synergies among Conventions.