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Fifth Strategic Plan

Through Resolution XIV.4 the Contracting Parties agreed on the framework for preparation of the fifth Strategic Plan. The Resolution confirms the role of the Strategic Plan Working Group, and outlines the principals guiding the process and the elements which should inform the draft.

Strategic Plan Working Group

The Strategic Plan Working Group has the mandate to lead on the preparation of the draft fifth Strategic Plan for adoption at COP15. Following guidance from the COP, the Working Group is committed to a process that is inclusive, transparent and accessible, to enable full and effective participation of all interested Contracting Parties, partners and stakeholders.

For questions or inquiries about the process of preparing the fifth Strategic Plan, contact the Group at



Co-Chairs: Brazil and Canada

Other members: Algeria, Australia, Bahrain, Chad, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czechia, Eswatini, Finland, Georgia, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Iraq, Japan, Kenya, Mauritius, Mexico, Nicaragua, Oman, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Switzerland, Tunisia, Uganda, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America, Zimbabwe, and representatives of the STRP, BirdLife International, International Water Management Institute, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, and Youth Engaged in Wetlands.

Interested Parties: Botswana, Republic of Korea, Zambia.



Meeting of 28 March 2023 – meeting report

Meeting of 1 June 2023 – meeting report

Meeting of 4 September 2023 - report

Meeting of 11 December 2023 - report and revised timeline

Meeting of 19 March 2024 - report

Meeting of 18 April 2024 - report