STRP Outputs

Global Wetland Outlook

The Global Wetland Outlook provides a current overview of global wetlands: their extent, trends, drivers of change and the responses needed to reverse the historical decline in wetland area and quality.

Ramsar Policy Briefs

The Ramsar Policy Briefs are prepared by the Scientific and Technical Review Panel. They are short summary papers which gather information on a particular wetland-related subject or issue to facilitate decision making. They provide policy options and an evaluation of these options for a specific audience of policy makers.

Policy briefs can also support broader advocacy initiatives. They make scientific and technical findings accessible to non-technical audiences including journalists, diplomats, administrators and researchers, with recommendations which they can act on.

Briefing Notes

The Briefing Notes are prepared by the Convention’s Scientific and Technical Review Panel to share scientific and technical information on wetlands with a broad audience.

Briefing Notes are reviewed internally by STRP members and an internal editorial panel, comprised of the STRP Chair and the responsible Thematic Work Area lead or task lead, assisted by the Convention's Deputy Secretary General and Scientific and Technical Support Officer.

Technical Reports

The Technical Reports are prepared by the Convention’s Scientific and Technical Review Panel to share technical notes, reviews and reports on wetland ecology, conservation, wise use and management.

All Ramsar Technical Reports are reviewed by the members and observers appointed to the STRP.


The Ramsar Fact Sheets summarize wetland-related issues in everyday, friendly language.