Training Webinar: Preparation of draft resolutions for COP14

During its 58th meeting, the Standing Committee requested the Secretariat to provide technical assistance to Contracting Parties in the preparation of draft resolutions for COP14 in accordance with Resolution XIII.4 on Responsibilities, roles and composition of the Standing Committee and regional categorization of countries under the Convention, in which, in paragraph 17, the Conference:

ENCOURAGES the Secretariat to re-engage with Parties, at their request, in preparing draft resolutions, so as to improve the quality of possible decisions that are tabled for consideration.

As a follow-up to this request, the Secretariat provides a webinar for Contracting Parties on the preparation of draft resolutions for COP14, in which Secretariat staff provides guidance on what is required to prepare a quality draft resolution that will enhance decision making.

Recording of the webinar: