Training Webinar on the Green Climate Fund

How to access the Green Climate Fund (GCF) for the conservation of wetlands

March 2020

A training webinar on "How to access the green Climate Fund (GCF) for the Conservation of Wetlands" led by Dr. Lifeng Li, Coordinator of Support Programmes at the GCF. It builds understanding and ability to access one of the multilateral environmental funds by showing its mechanism and "stp-by-step" procedures.

You will find the following information 

  • What is the GCF?
  • Who is eligible to access the GCF?
  • How to access the GCF: Step-by-step to access the GCF (empowering, accreditation, funding projects, and implementation).
  • Current GCF priority areas – how to link wetlands conservation with GCF’s priorities.
  • Case examples.