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Periodic Evaluation and Review

How to audit and review wetland management?

At certain points it is important to review and reflect on the performance of site management and use the findings to facilitate adaptive management. This is typically done at least twice, once midway through the lifespan of a management plan and once towards the end. However many sites find it useful to undertake this process annually.

Evaluating effectiveness of management

Broad monitoring of management activities can be achieved by using the Ramsar-Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool (R-METT). It is a relatively quick and simple tool to use, and easily understood by non-specialists.

Reviewing and adjusting management activities

The findings of periodic evaluations may lead to suggestions for revision of management activities and for Ramsar Sites.

These activities should be reported to the Administrative Authority. They may also result in adjustments being needed to the Ramsar Information Sheet (RIS). The findings of reviews or evaluations at the end of a plan’s lifespan feed directly into the renewal process for the next plan.

Guidance on how to review and adjust management activities can be found at pages 47-48 of Wetlands Management Planning: A guide for Site Managers (the full document below)