Alexis Munier
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Alexis Munier

Asociada de Comunicaciones

Alexis “Lex” Munier is an accomplished writer and editor with two decades of experience in public health and sustainability communications.


She holds a B.M. from Boston University’s College of Fine Arts with a double major in Vocal Performance and Russian Studies, as well as a postgraduate degree in Media, Communications and PR from the University of Leicester, UK.


A former journalist, Lex has spent time in complex organizations like the WEF and UNOPS, where she headed departments that strove to bring catastrophic risk, climate and non-communicable diseases to forefront of the global agenda. After working with Vestergaard, IMD and various media agencies, she had the good fortune to work with numerous biotech, medtech and agritech startups to grow their communications presence. 


One of Lex's key tasks as Temporary Communications Associate is to help the Secretariat become a better storyteller by developing impact stories and other content that showcases the impact of the work of the Secretariat and the Convention.


A nature buff, Lex is happiest when hiking, cycling or swimming in the great outdoors. She continues to perform as a soprano and gives regular recitals across Europe.