26th meeting of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel

5 Feb - 8 Feb 2024

The 26th meeting of the STRP (STRP26) took place at the Secretariat headquarters in Gland, Switzerland from 5 to 8 February 2024.

Report and Decisions


1 Welcome and opening remarks
2 Adoption of provisional agenda and working programme Mostrar documentos Ocultar documentos
3 Process and expected outcomes for the week
4 Updates from the STRP Chair and STRP Vice Chair
5 Updates from the Secretariat
6 Updates from Thematic Work Area (TWA) leads – status of priority STRP tasks Mostrar documentos Ocultar documentos
23 Noviembre 2023

Marco Mundial de Biodiversidad de Kunming-Montreal: Ampliación de la escala de conservación, restauración y uso racional de los humedales a través de estrategias y planes de acción nacionales de biodiversidad (EPANB)

7 5th Strategic Plan of the Convention on Wetlands – targets and indicators
8 Working group sessions - priority STRP tasks
9 Emerging issues
10 Date and venue for STRP27 (in-person) and intersessional meetings (online)
11 Any other business
12 Closing remarks