25th meeting of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel

2 Mayo - 5 Mayo 2023

The 25th meeting of the STRP (STRP25) will take place at the Secretariat headquarters in Gland, Switzerland from 2 to 5 May 2023.

Information for participants

Report and decisions of the meeting





1. Welcome and opening remarks
2. Adoption of provisional agenda and working programme Mostrar documentos Ocultar documentos
3. Process and expected outcomes for the week
4. Introductions: brief presentation of STRP members, invited experts, and observer representatives
5. Briefing on the Convention
6. STRP Workplan for 2023-2025 Mostrar documentos Ocultar documentos
7. Working group sessions Mostrar documentos Ocultar documentos
4 Abril 2023

COP14 Resolution requests to the STRP

8. Organization of the work of the STRP Mostrar documentos Ocultar documentos
26 Abril 2023

Draft guidelines for authors of STRP publications: Second edition

9. Adoption of draft work plan
10. Date and venue for STRP26 (in-person) and the next intersessional meeting (online)
11. Any other business
12. Closing remarks