23ª Reunión del GECT

La 23ª reunión del Grupo de Examen Científico y Técnico se celebrará en la sede de la Secretaría de Ramsar, en Gland, Suiza, del lunes 16 al viernes 20 de marzo del 2020.

Information for Participants

16 de marzo de 2020 - 20 de marzo de 2020


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1. Opening statements
1.1. Chair of the Scientific and Technical Review Panel (STRP)
1.2. Secretary General of the Convention on Wetlands
2. Adoption of provisional agenda and working programme
2.1. Provisional agenda Show / hide docs
2.2. Provisional working programme Show / hide docs
3. STRP activities and progress with the STRP work plan 2019-2021
3.1. Highest priority tasks
3.2. Other tasks
4. STRP ad-hoc advisory functions
4.1. Ramsar Sites designation: criterion 6 (STRP23 Doc.4.1)
4.2. Ramsar Information Sheet (RIS): possible refinements (e.g. section 4.5 – ecosystem services) (STRP23 Doc.4.2)
5. Standing Committee requests: Wetland inventories session for the 58th Meeting of the Standing Committee (SC58) (STRP23 Doc.5)
6. Update on relevant global scientific and policy processes: IPBES and the Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework
7. Communications and outreach for STRP outputs
8. Process, expected outcomes for the week and organization of working groups
9. Working groups
9.1. Wetlands and agriculture (Task 1.2) (STRP23 Doc.9.1)
9.2. Peatland rewetting/restoration (Task 2.2) (STRP23 Doc.9.2)
9.3. Wetlands and blue carbon (Task 5.1) (STRP23 Doc.9.3)
9.4. Global Wetland Outlook (GWO) (STRP23 Doc.9.4)
9.5. Ad-hoc advisory functions
10. Next steps
11. Dates and venue of the next meeting (STRP24)
12. Any other business
13. Closing remarks