Action for Wetlands Fund

The Action for Wetlands Fund, established in 2022 in partnership with the global food company Danone, seeks to support innovative ideas and approaches that offer solutions and accelerate actions to conserve, restore and sustainably use wetlands. The Fund seeks to grant EUR 10,000 to boost the planned or ongoing actions of an individual, community organization or social enterprise that aim to conserve, restore and sustainably use wetlands.

From 2 February to 2 March 2023, the Fund is seeking to support ideas or approaches of ongoing or planned initiatives anywhere in the world with demonstrated capacity to be applied and replicated in areas with similar characteristics. Eligible ideas for support by the grant could include;

  • Techniques for conservation, restoration and wise use of wetland ecosystems including their resources
  • Community effort or engagement for a cause that benefits wetlands e.g  designation as a protected site or wetland clean up exercise etc.
  • Initiatives to support the creation of alternative livelihoods to reduce pressure on wetlands  
  • Initiatives or actions that will lead to the long-term protection and conservation of wetlands
  • A research or academic project to increase knowledge and understanding about wetlands

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