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Kristela Toskaj

Jeune experte - support technique (Europe)

Kristela holds a B.Sc. in Environmental Engineering and has completed her Master studies on Environmental Sciences at University of Cologne. She is well experienced working at the science-policy interface in the conservation field, after having joined the Secretariat of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in Geneva, where she supported the Science Unit team in addressing the challenges of wildlife trafficking and wildlife crime for plant species.

For over one year, Kristela was leading “EU Nature Restoration Law”, a project in partnership with World Wide Fund European Policy Office in Brussels and Youth and Environment Europe, the largest network of youth organizations in Europe. Until the law was officially proposed in June 2022, Kristela’s role was leading an advocacy campaign, collaborating with several European organizations with the purpose to improve and influence the European Commission proposal on setting legally binding nature restoration targets for halting biodiversity loss and nature degradation.

Kristela’s relation with wetland conservation started with her early professional experience on a sustainable management project in Karavasta lagoon, which included field work in the Ramsar listed site.

Passionate about community involvement and very interested in sustainability practices, Kristela is active in local NGOs fighting against issues such as food waste, fast fashion and promoting sustainable tourism and environmental education and awareness in Switzerland.
Kristela speaks fluent English, Albanian, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

In her free time, Kristela enjoys painting, visiting art exhibitions and hiking in the scenic Swiss nature.