Wetkit 2003 launched in Canada

Wetkit 2003 launched in Canada

10 de febrero de 2003

Canada launches WetKit 2003!

The new and improved WetKit: Tools for Working with Wetlands in Canada (www.wetkit.net) was launched this week at Canada’s National Conference on Wetlands Stewardship in Ottawa. WetKit is Canada’s premier Internet site for discovering and accessing wetland information, stewardship advice and conservation technologies. The WetKit website was built by the North American Wetlands Conservation Council (Canada) in partnership with the Government of Canada, Ducks Unlimited Canada and Wildlife Habitat Canada.

WetKit can help you to put your hands on wetland inventories, methods for assessing their environmental and economic value, and educational resources for schoolchildren. It can point you to the latest advice on ecologically sound techniques for restoring or enhancing wetlands, or new technologies for building docks or walkways in sensitive environments. It’s also the place to go to find policies and laws related to wetlands, and contact details of agencies responsible for various aspects of their wise use and conservation in Canada.

The 2003 version of WetKit features superior ways of searching for the information you need, an updated and expanded collection of information resources, a dynamic new design, and a gallery of wetland photographs. Also for the first time, WetKit is now available in both English and French.

WetKit is a focal point for sharing what we know about wetlands in Canada. WetKit also helps Canada to deliver our obligations under the Ramsar Convention, by sharing with the Bureau and other Contracting Parties our progress on strategic objectives of the Convention. We encourage you to visit the web site at www.wetkit.net. We also invite the interest of other organizations in using the WetKit framework to manage and improve access to your wetland conservation resources.