• The “Garden of Eden” in Iraq now internationally protected

    29 September 2015

    The Government of Iraq has recently designated Central Marshes and Hammar Marsh in the southern part of the country as Wetlands of International Importance (‘Ramsar Sites’) under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. These two marshes, together with the existing Hawizeh Marsh Ramsar Site, form the last remnants of the once extensive, lush and richly diverse Mesopotamian Marshlands in southern Iraq. 

  • The State of Kuwait becomes the 169th Contracting Party to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

    7 September 2015

    The Secretariat of the Ramsar Convention is pleased to announce the State of Kuwait as the 169th Contracting Party of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. The Convention came into force in Kuwait on 5 September, 2015.

  • Côte d’Ivoire wants to improve the management of its wetlands

    28 August 2015

    A shared desire to improve the management of Côte d’Ivoire’s wetlands brought together experts from the Ramsar Convention Secretariat, the Ministry of Water and Forests, NGOs and the academic community at a seminar held in Abidjan.

  • Ramsar Advisory Mission to Nordre Tyrifjord

    13 July 2015

    On 1-3 July 2015, a Ramsar Advisory Mission (RAM) team travelled to the Nordre Tyrifjord area in Norway. The purpose of the mission was to evaluate the extensive transport infrastructure projects, including a four-lane highway and a fast track railway planned to cross the Storelva river floodplain. The Storelva river is part of the Nordre Tyrifjord Wetlands System, a Ramsar Site of International Importance.  

  • Curraghs Wildlife Park, a designated Ramsar Site, celebrates the 50th anniversary

    9 July 2015

    The Isle of Man Post Office has released a set of stamps featuring some of the Curraghs Wildlife Park’s most successfully bred endangered species. Set in a natural wetland habitat, the Park and surrounding area is a designated Ramsar site which in 2006 was recognised as a place of international scientific interest.

About Ramsar

The Convention on Wetlands, called the Ramsar Convention, is an intergovernmental treaty that provides the framework for national action and international cooperation for the conservation and wise use of wetlands and their resources.

Number of Contracting Parties: 169

Number of Ramsar Sites: 2,216

Total surface of designated sites: 211,367,434,.16 ha

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