Wetland City Accreditation Candidates

Region Country Name of the candidate City Date of Submission Submission Time Content of Submited dossiers Endorsement Language
Asia Sri Lanka Colombo 27-Sep-17 10:13 edPA_Ramsar Application - Colombo City.pdf Letter of endorsement English
Volume 1 - Annexes.pdf
Colombo Wetland Management Strategy.pdf
Technical Rep[ort 02_Ecological status.pdf
Technical Report 01_Final-Institution and policy.pdf
Technical Report 03_Physical Hydrology_and_Hydraulic_and APPX.pdf
Technical Report 04_Water quality.pdf
Technical Report 05_Final-Soil Analysis.pdf
Technical Report 06_Socio-economics_and APPX.pdf
Technical Report 07_Wetland Classification Maps.pdf
China Changshu 24-Oct-17 16:00 WCA_nomination_form_Changshu_EN1023.pdf Letter of endorsement English
VCRs and vectors files
Changde WCA_nomination_form_Changde_EN 1023.pdf
VCRs and vectors files
Haikou WCA_nomination_form_Haikou_EN1024.pdf
VCRs and vectors files
Dongying WCA_nomination_form_Dongying_EN1023.pdf
VCRs and vectors files
Yinchuan WCA_nomination_form_Yinchuan_EN1023 v2.2.pdf
VCRs and vectors files
Harbin WCA_nomination_form_Harbin_EN1024 v3-.pdf
VCRs and vectors files
Republic of Korea Changnyeong  31-Oct-17 07:46 Wetland City Accreditation Nomination Form_Changnyeong.pdf Email sent by the Head of AA English
Attachments Wetland City Accreditation Nomination Form for Changnyeong County.pdf
Inje  Wetland City Accreditation Nomination Form_Inje.pdf
Attachments-Wetland City Accreditation Nomination Form for Inje County.pdf
Jocheon Town, Jeju City  Wetland City Accreditation Nomination Form_Jeju.pdf
Attachments-Wetland City Accreditation Nomination Form for Jeju City.pdf
City of Suncheon Wetland City Accreditation Nomination Form_Suncheon.pdf
Thailand Krabi 31-Oct-17 08:52 1.Krabi EN.pdf Email sent by the Head of AA English
1.Krabi TH.pdf
Bung kan 2.Bung kan EN.pdf
2.Bung kan TH.pdf
Ranong 3.Ranong EN.pdf
3.Ranong TH.pdf
Samut Songkham 4.Samut Songkram EN.pdf
4.Samut Songkram TH.pdf
Africa Tunisia Ghar el Melh   23-Oct-17 12:21:00 Tunisia formulaire 202.pdf Letter of endorsement French
2. Projet de suivi des services culturels des zones humides Med Gar el Melh.doc
2017-06-28_Arab States Report_WEB.pdf
Affiche JMZK-OK.pdf
affiche zone humide-01.jpg
Album Photos-Ghar.docx
Annexe n2 Rapport de l'atelier de Bizerte 12 et 13 mai 2016 (1).docx
Carte gharmelh.jpg
communique de presse (2).pdf
FPP-Gharelmelh_Activities_13april 2017-final.docx
plan de gestion wwf ghar el melh.pdf
porte document-ok1.pdf
Programme visite presse JMZH 2017.doc
Video GHAR EL MELH.mp4
Madagascar Mitsinjo 30-Oct-17 17:03 Mitsinjo_label ville.pdf Lettre d'endossement Français
Carte District Mitsinjo (3).jpg
Americas Brazil Municipality of Mostardas 20-Oct-17 15:36 Formulario da candidatura de Mostardas assinado.pdf Email from Secretary of Biodiversity/Ministry of the Environment of Brazil Spanish
Formulario da candidatura de Mostardas assinado - Annex.pdf
Europe France Ville d'Amien 30-Oct-17 15:40 Ville Ramsar-Dossier AMIENS.pdf Lettre d'endossement French
Ville Ramsar-Dossier AMIENS-Annexes.pdf
Commune de Courteranges Ville Ramsar_Dossier COURTERANGES.pdf
Ville Ramsar_Dossier COURTERANGES-Annexes.pdf
Commune de Pont-Audemer.pdf Ville Ramsar-Dossier PONT-AUDEMER.pdf
Ville Ramsar-Dossier PONT-AUDEMER-Annexes.pdf
Ville de Saint-Omer.pdf Ville Ramsar-Dossier SAINT-OMER.pdf
Ville Ramsar-Dossier SAINT-OMER-Annexes.pdf
Hungary Tata 31-Oct-17 12:56 TMF 1325_1_2017 Application of City of Tata for Wetland City Accreditation.pdf Letter of endorsement English
Annexes of Tata.pdf