Ramsar Policy Briefs

Ramsar Policy Briefs are prepared by the Scientific and Technical Review Panel. They are short summary papers which gather information on a particular wetland-related subject or issue to facilitate decision making. They provide policy options and an evaluation of these options for a specific audience of policy makers.
Policy briefs can also support broader advocacy initiatives. They make scientific and technical findings accessible to non-technical audiences including journalists, diplomats, administrators and researchers, with recommendations which they can act on.

2: Integrating multiple wetland values into decision-making (2017)

3: Ramsar Advisory Missions - A mechanism to respond to change in ecological character of Ramsar Sites (2018)

4: Implementing environmental flows with benefits for society and different wetland ecosystems in river systems (2018)

5. Restoring drained peatlands: A necessary step to achieve global climate goals (revised, 2021)

6. Transforming agriculture to sustain people and wetlands (2022)