WWD 2005 -- Asian Wetlands Week to start early

WWD 2005 -- Asian Wetlands Week to start early

8 December 2004

"There's wealth in wetland diversity  - don't lose it!"

Inauguration of Asian Wetlands Week 2005:

From Ms Reiko Nakamua, Ramsar Center Japan:

Ramsar Center Japan is pleased to announce that 2005 Asian Wetlands Week (AWW) campaign will inaugurate on 24 December 2004 taking an opportunity of the "Children and Teacher Wetland Exchange Program of China/Korea/Japan" on 24-28 December 2004 in Dafeng, a Ramsar site in the lower basin of Yantze River in China. A total of 22 school children and teachers from Korea and Japan will visit China, exchange experiences and ideas on wetland conservation with Chinese children and teachers, and discuss future opportunities of international cooperation in wetland conservation. The Children and Teacher Wetland Exchange Program of China/Korea/Japan in Dafeng is the third meeting of this kind, as the first occasion was held in Yatsu-higata Ramsar site in Japan in 2003, and the second one was held in Woopo Wetlands Ramsar site in Korea in 2004 (photo below).

AWW is a campaign activity initiated by Ramsar Center Japan with support of the Japan Fund for Global Environment since 2002 to enhance awareness of wetlands especially targeting children to pay more attention and get knowledge about the value and importance of wetland and its ecosystems. The actual AWW starts from the World Wetlands Day (2nd February) which observed from 2nd to 8th February, and RCJ calls for individuals and organizations to participate in the campaign with various kinds of awareness activities under the title of AWW. The handout has just been printed (below), and this will be distributed upon request by the participants. For further information and soft data of the handout will be soon available on the website of Ramsar Center Japan (http://homepage1.nifty.com/rcj/). Come and join us.

Second Children and Teacher Wetland Exchange, Woopo Wetlands Ramsar site in Korea, 17 January 2004

Asian Wetland Week Celebration, 30 January 2004: Wetland Camp in Thale Noi Ramsar Site, Thailand

Handout for Asian Wetlands Week 2005