World Wetlands Day 2010 -- Hungary

World Wetlands Day 2010 -- Hungary

11 February 2010

World Wetlands Day 2010 in Hungary

WWD2010 was celebrated in several Hungarian national parks. The central event was organised jointly by the Ministry of Environment and Water, the Balaton Uplands National Park, and the Lake Balaton Limnological Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, at Tihany, on 2 February. Approximately 90 participants from environmental organisations, NGOs and local governments attended the event with presentations focussing on the interrelations of wetlands, climate change and biodiversity. After a more general presentation on the possible effects of climate change on wetlands, a lecturer discussed the effects of climate change and eutrophication on shallow lakes, followed by a presentation on the effects of water level changes on the bird fauna of Lake Balaton (the venue is situated at Lake Balaton) and another on the effects of climate change on bird migration. The last presentation discussed possible new ways in water management. In addition, two films were also presented: +1 oC directed by  Dénes Ruzsa and the „Pannonian Desert” by Szabolcs Mosonyi.

After the morning session, participants visited the harbour of Tihany, where a small pool still provided open water to waterfowl in the otherwise frozen lake. The highlight of the visit was an adult White-tailed Eagle.

Other WWD2010 events in Hungary included open days for schools with presentations exhibitions, field visits and quiz games (Hortobágy National Park and Aggtelek National Park) as well as a drawing contest for schoolchildren (Őrségi National Park).