World Wetlands Day 2006 in Slovenia and its neighbours

World Wetlands Day 2006 in Slovenia and its neighbours

17 February 2006
Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia

WWD 2006 along the river Mura: Austria, Croatia, Hungary, and Slovenia

On Sunday - 29.January 2006 more then 330 people have been walking along the Slovenian-Croatian border at the river Mura. The weather was cold and the snow was frozen, but we have all enjoyed this river wetland wilderness with thoughts about international protection of this wetland at the Mura to the Drava and downstream to the Danube. For the first time we walked together with our friends from Croatia, Austria, and Hungary with people from nature protection NGOs like WWF, Naturschutzbund Austria, IUCN, Zelena akcija, Dravska liga and Mountain Wilderness from Slovenia. There were many members from Tabrih, Mavrica and LEiV (Austria), NGOs that have prepared everything for the WWD 2006.

The Mura River is the river of four nations and four states, therefore we should preserve it on the international level, especially on its last section before it flows into Drava under the last hydropower station in Austria. The wetlands in Slovenia and Croatia are the most beautiful and the most natural ones with very high natural value. Therefore Slovenia has proposed them for Natura 2000 site.

Earlier . .

"Dear friends in Ramsar office, With added invitation I will inform you about our plan on the WWD 2006. NGOs Tabrih, Mavrica and Austrian LEiV are preparing the 6th Walking day at wetlands on the river Mura. This year we will visit the border between Slovenia and Croatia near to Hungaria. There are many wetlands still existing in best condition and are on one side a part of Natura 2000 area but also new border area - so called schengen territory, which will be after 2006 more observed by border police. On other way this area is a part of European Green Belt. The aim of walking is to visit that beautiful landscape with as little as possible disturbance to the life in Nature - where the winter is best time for that, but also to make awareness in the public about wetland area preservation, which is very much important for our whole region with less then 800 mm rain. We are inviting also you to join us at walking on 13 km long way through the wetlands at River Mura in our beautiful Slovenia. … I wish you happy New Year with much success in the implementation of Ramsar convention - also in case of the Mura River."