World Water Week

World Water Week

1 September 2017


The 27th UN-Water Meeting convened from 25-26 August 2017, in Stockholm, Sweden

Hosted and organized by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), World Water Week is the leading annual global event for concretely addressing the planet’s water issues and related concerns of international development. World Water Week 2017 was carried out under the theme "Water and Waste: Reduce and reuse", 27 August – 1 September.

Ramsar Director of Science and Policy, François Guerquin, attended the event with a particular focus on two meetings: UN-Water Senior Programme Manager meetings and the Action Platform for “Source-to-Sea Management” meeting. Ramsar Secretariat is a partner of both initiatives.

Report from the 27th Meeting UN water meeting

The Action Platform for Source-to-Sea Manage­ment (S2S Platform)