Workshop on Ramsar designation on the Paraguay and Paraná wetlands corridor

Workshop on Ramsar designation on the Paraguay and Paraná wetlands corridor

9 September 2004

Press release


Active social stakeholders participation in a workshop carried out in Las Palmas, by the side of Paraguay river - recommendations are of great utility for the management plan of the new Ramsar Site Humedales Chaco.

Las Palmas, Chaco, Argentina, 3rd September 2004.- Teachers, students, public employees, producers, fisherfolks, NGOs representatives and native communities, among different social stakeholders took part today at this place of a workshop on Ramsar Sites designation on the Paraguay and Paraná rivers' wetlands corridor.

Las Palmas, by Paraguay riverside, is located on the Ramsar Site Humedales Chaco, of 508.000 hectares, designated by the Ramsar Convention on 2nd February 2004.

During the workshop, Julieta Peteán, Wetlands and Fishing Programme Coordinator, explained some aspects of the Ramsar Convention, the advantages of a Ramsar Site designation and the participation importance of all the social stakeholders for the designation and development of management plans.

In addition, Patricia García, Principal of the "Instituto Terciario Padre Dante Darío Celli de Las Palmas" - which also convoked the Workshop- and the teacher Edgardo Álvarez, referred to the importance and the regional antecedents of the initiative.

Participants analyzed the problematic and potentialities on the Paraguay river floodplain wetlands and on Chaco territory. Also such subjects as natural, historical and cultural heritage of wetlands were discussed.

Among the workshop recommendations, it was emphasized the need of strengthening among community groups and microregions, local participation in public policies, ecosystem restoration and the will of inviting nearby municipalities from Paraguay, in order to work in coordination with and for the protection of wetlands in the adjacent region of Ñeembucú.

The meeting took place at the Instituto Terciario "Padre Dante Darío Celli". It was organized by this educational institution and Fundación PROTEGER-Amigos de la Tierra, Argentina, under the auspicies of the Subsecretaría de Recursos Naturales y Ambiente del Chaco. Among other civil employees it was attended by the Under Secretary for Natural Resources, Eng. Bruno Shwesig, and fauna and land technicians from the Chaco Province.

Concepts of interest

Ramsar Convention

The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance or Ramsar Convention, was signed on 2nd February 1971, in the city of Ramsar, located along the banks of the Caspian Sea. Those countries adopting the Ramsar Convention embrace the International effort to preserve and make a wise use of wetlands and their resources, Argentina and Paraguay are among them.


Wetlands are areas where water represents the main factor, controlling environment, vegetal and animal life. Wetlands are considered among the most productive ecosystems on earth and provide important economic and social benefits. These are environments commonly known as marshes, swamplands, bogs, floodplains and floodable islands.


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