Wisconsin’s 100 Wetland Gems

Wisconsin’s 100 Wetland Gems

23 August 2010
United States of America

The Wisconsin Wetlands Association has recently published Wisconsin’s Wetland Gems, a full-colour guide to Wisconsin’s 100 Wetland Gems - high quality habitats that represent the wetland riches (marshes, swamps, bogs, fens, and more) that historically made up a quarter of Wisconsin’s landscape.

The 150-page spiral-bound book includes an overview of the Wetland Gems project and a pictorial guide to the twelve wetland types found in Wisconsin. The core of the book features one section for each of eight geographic regions of the state and a special section highlighting Workhorse Wetland Gems, sites that each exemplify one of the natural services provided by wetlands: flood and stormwater attenuation, water quality protection, shoreline protection, groundwater connections, wildlife habitat, fish habitat, and recreation and educational opportunities. Within each section, readers will find a map and set of fact sheets for each region’s Gems. The book also includes a comprehensive index of site names to help readers find information about their favourite wetlands.

This splendid wetlands book costs US$25 and can be ordered from the Wisconsin Wetlands Association (order form on: http://www.wisconsinwetlands.org/GemsBookFlyer.pdf). All sections of the book can also be freely downloaded in PDF format from the Wisconsin Wetlands Association website, on: www.wisconsinwetlands.org/gemsbook.htm.

Prof. Nick Davidson
Deputy Secretary General
Ramsar Convention on Wetlands