Wetlands International - AEME names new Executive Director

Wetlands International - AEME names new Executive Director

26 January 2000

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New Executive Director for Wetlands International - AEME

Wetlands International – Africa, Europe, Middle East is pleased to announce that its new Executive Director, James McCuaig, has taken up his duties in the Netherlands as of January 10, 2000. Jim was selected from several outstanding candidates for thjimmccuaig1.jpg (46963 bytes)e position, through an international search process run by the AEME Regional Council, with extensive staff input. He is taking up the duties formerly performed by Dr. Mike Moser and Dr. Phil Edwards.

Mr. McCuaig is a citizen of Canada, and has just left the position of Director of Environment and Natural Resources for the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) of the Government of Canada. Prior to that position, Jim was the Interim Secretary General for the Ramsar Convention for the seven month transition between the former Secretary General, Dan Navid, and the present Secretary General, Delmar Blasco. Before being appointed to CIDA, Jim was the Director of Habitat and Water Conservation for the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) of Environment Canada, and the first Director of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP). For the last three years, Jim has been the Chairman of the Regional Council of Wetlands International – Americas and a member of the Wetlands International Board of Directors. He has a BA in Geography and Planning from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and an MA (Geography and Planning) from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

In addition to 20 years of senior and executive experience in conservation management, he has published many reports, papers, and articles on land use, land use change, and the impact of government programs on land use. He has been instrumental in the formulation, acceptance and implementation of Canadian Government Policies on Land Use, Water, Fish Habitat and Wetlands. The development of the NAWMP through Joint Ventures, partnerships and international agreements, and particularly the establishment and development of international funds transfer for wetland conservation purposes was a key area of Mr. McCuaig’s success in CWS.

Mr. McCuaig brings to Wetlands International extensive experience and a network of contacts in the international environment world, including with the many conservation conventions and within the international development community. His links to and familiarity with multilateral institutions (OECD, UNEP, etc.) and international financial institutions (World Bank, GEF, etc.) should serve well in the Wetlands International world.