Update on Wetlands Journal

Update on Wetlands Journal

5 September 2017

Wetlands, the journal of the Society of Wetland Scientists, has announced the expansion of the themed categories under which it will publish papers in the field of wetland science. These essentially are continuous series, open to submissions at any time, which will be recognized by a banner across the top of each article. This serves to highlight the breadth of the topics Wetlands will consider for publication and a focus for researchers and managers.

From now there will be also a theme devoted to articles on Ramsar Convention.

The categories are:

General – Any papers that do not fit the categories below

Mark Brinson Reviews – Limited submissions, see info at WETLANDS web pages

Wetlands in the Developing World – Any papers about wetlands in the developing world

Applied Wetland Science – How is our scientific knowledge translated into practice?

Socio-economic Aspects of Wetlands – Importance and value of wetlands to human society

Ramsar – Any papers about Ramsar wetlands, about the Convention or related subjects

Wetlands Education – Formal and informal, specialized and public education

Wetlands Restoration – How do we restore wetlands, and how successful are we?

Wetlands Conservation – How does it work, and how successful are we?

Constructed Wetlands – What are the latest advances in constructed wetlands?

Ecosystem Services of Wetlands – Anything about ecosystem functioning and services of wetlands

Wetlands and Indigenous People – Past and present importance, in every way imaginable, of wetlands to indigenous people around the world.

Within all categories, except for the Mark Brinson Reviews, regular research articles, review articles, or short communication can be submitted. For further information, see the Wetlands web pages at http://www.springer.com/life+sciences/ecology/journal/13157

About Wetlands Journal

Wetlands is an international journal covering all aspects of wetlands biology, ecology, hydrology, soils, biogeochemistry, management, laws and regulations. Wetlands features peer-reviewed articles from leading authors in wetland science and serves as the premier outlet for communicating research to an expanding community of international and interdisciplinary wetland professionals. The journal, published six times a year, includes full length articles, short notes and timely review articles. Read more