Update on SC51 documents

Update on SC51 documents

3 November 2015

This is an update on new documents for the 51st Meeting of the Ramsar Standing Committee (SC51).

The Draft Agenda (SC51-01 Rev.2) and Annotated Draft Agenda (SC51-01bis Rev.1) have been amended to include new documents and a changed time for the update from the Chair of the STRP as agenda item 9.

Under agenda item 14, Standing Committee is asked to consider proposed agreements and joint work plans of the Ramsar Convention and partners, as annexes to SC51-23 Rev.2, with proposals from CMS, UNEP, Nagao Natural Environment Foundation, Ramsar Regional Centre - East Asia, and Shell.

A new paper by UNEP, on options for enhancing synergies between the biodiversity-related Conventions, is also presented for the Standing Committee under agenda item 14 and is published, in English only, as SC51 InfDoc.04.

The new documents are available at the SC51 event page.

The STRP Chair’s Report, including the new work programme (SC51-13), will be published after the 19th Meeting of the STRP (2 to 6 November).

A summary of the proposed new Regional Initiatives will be published in the coming days, as document SC51-12 for consideration under Agenda item 15.

Translations into French and Spanish will be shared as soon as they are ready.