Small Grant Fund project in Moldova: Over 50 experts meet to discuss national wetland management

Small Grant Fund project in Moldova: Over 50 experts meet to discuss national wetland management

20 December 2012
Republic of Moldova

Laura Máiz, Ramsar's Assistant Advisor for Europe, travelled to Moldova, 5 to 7 December 2012, to attend a workshop on wetlands management, last activity of the 2010 Ramsar Small Grants Fund (SGF) project "Developing a Wetland National Policy for the Republic of Moldova”.

The seminar, organised by the Ministry of Environment in collaboration with the Ecological Society "BIOTICA" on 7 December 2012, aimed to deliver training and information on wetlands management to national stakeholders. Over 50 experts from different governmental agencies and NGOs attended this national event. Among them: Moldova Waters, Moldsilva Botanical Garden Institute, environmental inspectors, district representatives of the Environmental Movement of Moldova and the International Environmental Association of River Keepers Eco-TIRAS. 

Different wetland issues were discussed: national wetlands policy implementation, major threats (water pollution, overgrazing, illegal fishing, hunting, construction and sand extraction) and institutional capacity challenges for wetlands management, wetlands legislation and wise use of water bodies, grasslands and forests.

Laura Máiz explained the importance of having a “stand-alone” wetland policy in order to recognise wetland problems, identify responsibilities and targeted action to deal with them. Furthermore, Laura provided the audience with guidelines for effective wetlands policy implementation and sustainable management, highlighting the importance of establishing efficient National Ramsar/Wetlands Committees in order to assist the Governments to deliver the goals of the Ramsar Convention.

The Ramsar representative took this opportunity to meet with the Minister of the Environment Mr Gheorghe Salaru, the Vice Minister Mr Lazar Chirica and Ms Veronica Josu, Head of the Natural Resources and Biodiversity Division (cf. the Ministry’s website: and discuss implementation of Ramsar’s principles in Moldova. She also met with representatives of national NGOs, including Ilya Trombitsky from Eco-TIRAS and Alexei Andreev and Liliana Josan from BIOTICA. Ramsar’s National Focal Point, Andrei Isac shared with her the major weaknesses and strengths, opportunities and threats of wetland management and conservation in the Republic of Moldova.

The Ramsar Secretariat would like to use this opportunity to congratulate the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine for the signature (on 28 November during the conference of the UNECE Water Convention in Rome) of the bilateral treaty on cooperation for the protection and sustainable development of the Dniester river basin, cf.

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Report by Laura Máiz, Assistant Advisor for Europe. Photo courtesy: Moldovan Ministry of Environment