"Silver water with coot"

"Silver water with coot"

2 September 2004

Valdovinos wins contest with wetland photo

On 5 September at the Concurso de Fotografía de Monóvar - XXXVI Salón Nacional de Fotografía, the 36th annual national photo contest in Monóvar in Alicante, one of the oldest in Spain, Juan Carlos Valdovinos of Palma de Mallorca (on the right), who has for many years been the Ramsar Convention's principal translator for Spanish, won first prize in the "color" category. He submitted six photographs with the theme "In praise of water" and his winning photo was "Silver water with coot".

Juan Carlos on the right, the Silver Water with Coot up on the wall.

A full report (and this photo), http://www.monover.com/guia/prensa/per/31ago04.htm.