Restoration and public awareness for Lake

Restoration and public awareness for Lake

15 December 2008

Setting conditions for the rehabilitation and restoration of wet meadows at lake Ludaš and realization of the Visitor Centre – Serbia/SGF2001 Final Report

In 2001, the Ramsar Convention through its Small Grant Fund Programme was able to fund a two-phase project in Serbia intended to rehabilitate and restore wet meadows at Ludaško Lake, and to contribute to the realization of a Visitor Educational Centre. The site, located in Vojvodina province, is the oldest of nine Serbian Ramsar sites, in fact, one of the few remaining natural lakes of the Pannonia Plain. In the ‘50s most of the wet and fen meadows were converted into hayfields, pastures and arable lands, leading to severe degradation of the original ecosystems.

Through several activities of field monitoring, evaluation, and measurements with the collaboration of local communities, the conditions to pursue the rehabilitation of these wetlands are now being created. Several educational activities such bank cleaning campaigns and celebrations of environmental days with school children have been organized, increasing the awareness of the site’s values. The creation of new facilities for ecotourism, such as observation paths, has enhanced the economic values of this Ramsar site in line with the concept of wise use of wetlands.

Some of the SGF funds were also used to co-finance the construction of the Ludaš Visitor Centre as part of the Hungary–Serbia Cross Border Cooperation Programme - a bigger EU-funded project managed by EAR started in March 2006 and just recently concluded. The new centre offers facilities of various genres showcasing the outstanding natural values of this site through permanent and temporary exhibitions, posters, multimedia tools, and visitor’s routes with information in Hungarian, Serbian and English languages.

In the visitor centre are also presented different thematic areas illustrating the other three protected areas in the region, wetlands conservation strategies and challenges. 

For more information, there is a website

Congratulation to the Public Enterprise Palić – Ludaš who carried out this project!!

-- Monica Zavagli, Ramsar