Ramsar visit to Andorra and the 5th International Congress of Andorra on the Environment

Ramsar visit to Andorra and the 5th International Congress of Andorra on the Environment

16 September 2004

Ramsar welcomes Andorra...

Sebastià Semene Guitart, Ramsar Secretariat (15/09/04)

Andorra confirmed today its willingness to join the Ramsar Convention. The signing ceremony will take place in Geneva during October, in presence of the Minister for Environment of the Principality, as confirmed today by the Andorran authorities. The Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention, Peter Bridgewater, was informed today, during a meeting with H.E. Mr. Juli Minoves, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and H.E. Ms. Olga Adellach, Minister of Environment of the Government of Andorra, that the Pyrenean Principality will join the Convention in the next few weeks. Mr. Jaume Gaetán, Director of Multilateral Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, expressed the willingness of the Andorran Government to have the signing ceremony held in Switzerland, during October 2004, in presence of the Secretary General of the Convention and the Minister of Environment of Andorra. The Ramsar delegation will have tomorrow a second meeting with technicians of the Ministry of Environment to prepare the country's accession and future involvement in the conservation and wise use of wetlands.

Peter Bridgewater also made the opening address at the Vth International Congress of Andorra on the Environment. In this year's edition, the congress is dealing with continental waters and their management. The Secretary General's remarks set the scene for managing water resources, presenting different aspects and questions about this issue such as the social, politic, economic or ecological factors. In addition, Sebastià Semene participated today in a round table on the evaluation of water ecosystems in Andorra, where several questions were raised on the practical effects and consequences of Andorra joining Ramsar. Tomorrow, Peter Bridgewater will present a second address on the cultural values of wetlands, under the title: "The missing link - People and wetlands, together or apart?...".

More information on the Vth International Congress of Andorra at: www.iea.ad/cima2004/.