Ramsar COP8 - Brief report and photos: day two

Ramsar COP8 - Brief report and photos: day two

20 November 2002
"Wetlands: water, life, and culture"
8th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties
to the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971)
Valencia, Spain, 18-26 November 2002

Day Two of the Ramsar COP

Day 2, Tuesday, 20 November, continued the fun of the opening day but left administrative details behind in favor of the substantial business of the meetings. Following the morning's Report of the Secretary General on implementation of the Convention, filled with what he called 'challenges for the Parties' in the next triennium, an extraordinary number of CPs offered reports of their own efforts in support of the Convention's objectives, in many cases pledging specific further actions over the next triennium. Introductions were made to the draft Strategic Plan 2003-2008 and Work Plan 2003-2005, so that further contact group negotiations could be got underway over the course of the week, and the Standing Committee gave a financial report for the past year and offered a budget proposal for the next triennium. In the final business of the plenary's work, first considerations were made of a large number of the draft Resolutions and Recommendations that will be further discussed in the coming days.

The plenary session also heard an address by Dr Angela Cropper on the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and its relevance to the Convention, and Ms Inés González Doncell, Director General of Nature Conservation in the Ministry of Environment of Spain, made a special presentation on wetland conservation in Spain, which included the announcement of 11 new Ramsar sites, which will bring the COP host's total Ramsar area to 173,000 ha. The many many side events included presentations on the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, the launch of the 7th Directory of Wetlands of International Importance by Wetlands International, a presentation on the restoration of Chilika Lake in India, the launch of the 3rd Waterbird Population Estimates, also by Wetlands International, discussion of coral reef conservation with WWF International, and many others.

The head table, with (from left) rapporteur Tim Jones, Deputy Secretary General Nick Davidson, Secretary General Delmar Blasco, President Mrs María del Carmen Martorell Pallás, and Vice President Javad Amin Mansour.

The Canadian delegation

The delegation of France (center)

The delegations of Slovenia (trying to hide) and the Slovak Republic

Ramsar staff and appointees, vigilant (from left): Thymio Papayannis, Paul Mafabi (Uganda), Ibrahim Shaame, Simon Rafanomezantsoa, Anada Tiéga, Bill Phillips

Side event on the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, head table: Max Finlayson, Carmen Revenga, Nicolas Lucas, Habiba Gitay

Wetlands International and BirdLife International