Ramsar COP8 - Brief report and photos: day seven

Ramsar COP8 - Brief report and photos: day seven

7 December 2002
"Wetlands: water, life, and culture"
8th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties
to the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971)
Valencia, Spain, 18-26 November 2002

Day Seven of the Ramsar COP

Excursions Day (a.k.a. "Documents Day")

One day in every meeting of the Conference of the Parties is left free for participants to make field excursions to local sites, in this case, any one of five excursions supplied by the hosts to wetlands and other natural and cultural landmarks in the neighborhood of Valencia. The chief purpose of this day is to allow the secretariat to prepare final versions of all of the Draft Resolutions that had been under negotiation during the week.

The Document Distribution Centre in the Museum of Sciences

Head of the Document Distribution Centre, Montse Riera (above, left), with assistant Lali Caballé. Sandra Hails guarding the Documentation Centre in the secretariat offices.

The Documentation Centre's Spanish Team (from left): Ricardo Pochtar, local assistant Rosa, head of the team Juan Carlos Valdovinos, local assistant Alfonso, Alfredo Serrano

Ricardo and Rosa with the French Team behind.

Juan Carlos in a muddle (left), with Danièle Devitre, head of the French Team

The Documentation Centre's French Team: Catherine Lokschin, Daniéle Devitre, assistant Marlène Chaperon, assistant Fabienne Khalifat-Turner, Christiane Milev

Marlène, Catherine, Danièle

Ricardo and Juan Carlos

The MKI Travel Team

Geri-Lynn (seated, right) and her colleagues from MKI Conference Management not only took care of booking travel and hotels for all sponsored delegates from their base in Ottawa, Canada . . .

they worked tirelessly throughout the COP to help delegates with their travel problems and disburse per diems to the sponsored delegates.

This is at least the fourth Ramsar COP in a row that has been ably managed by MKI Conference Management.

One of many panels of SEHUMED's superb exhibition on culture and wetlands, on view in the main corridor of the Museum of Science. Note that cute photo of Lake Titicaca in the upper center . . .

. . . by Marlowe Tyson Peck.