Proceedings of river restoration conference now available

Proceedings of river restoration conference now available

23 August 2004

Third ECRR International Conference on River Restoration

From 17 to 21 May 2004 there took place in Zagreb, Croatia's capital, the 3rd international conference of the European Centre for River Restoration (ECRR), organised jointly with Croatian Waters (Hrvatske Vode), the national water management authority. For almost ten years, ECRR has been a forum for exchanging information, experience and know-how and raising awareness of river restoration. The Conference took place at a time when 10 new European states joined the then 15-member European Union. Thus, the concepts embedded in the EU Water Framework Directive were very much the overarching reference for the conference themes and for the case studies reported.

Four keynote presentations addressed societal dilemmas in view of different uses of rivers and their restoration need, the restoration of rivers and floodplains in Bavaria, stream topology as a basis for river restoration, and the river restoration approach in Japan and Asia in comparison with Europe.

Nearly 40 conference papers are focused upon river restoration as part of integrated water management, on technical solutions to reconcile user conflicts in the river basin, on public awareness and support to river restoration, and on restoration projects in countries in economic transition.

The well-illustrated proceedings are available in hard-cover form from the ECRR secretariat, hosted by the Wetland Development and Restoration Department of the Dutch Institute for Water Management RIZA in Lelystad, or can be downloaded, chapter by chapter, from this site: If you ever had a problem or question related to river restoration, a stop here to get in contact with a wide network of experts is probably worthwhile.

-- Tobias Salathé, Ramsar