Photos from the Québec 2000 Millennium Wetland Event

Photos from the Québec 2000 Millennium Wetland Event

5 October 2000

Ramsar at the Millennium Wetland Event, 6-12 August 2000

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The Deputy Secretary General, Dr Nick Davidson, delivers one of the keynote addresses, with a ghostly reminder from his past watching over him vigilant for misstatements or distortions of fact. (Photo: D. Peck/Ramsar)

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Dr Nick Davidson, Deputy Secretary General, relaxes in front of the Ramsar Exhibit for an interview on Indian television.

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Dr Karén Jenderedjian (right) of Armenia pauses in sending an e-mail over Ramsar's account to his 13-year-old son (whose birthday had unaccountably got forgotten in the rush of Millennium Events) to watch the Secretary General, Delmar Blasco, discussing various issues on the Ramsar Video (left).

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The Ramsar Exhibit, a gathering center for the Ramsar Family at the vast Millennium Event: Gordana Beltram (Slovenia), Dwight Peck (Bureau), Karén Jenderedjian (Armenia), Tim Jones (formerly of the Ramsar Bureau, now of TJ Environmental)

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And gather they did: (from left) a German lady, Tobias, Dwight, Charlotte McAlister (our scientist friend from Newcastle-upon-Tyne), Nick, Karén, Tim Jones.

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The Ramsar webmaster admires the CBD Focal Point from Slovenia (left) at the Millennium Wetland Event.

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Ramsar representatives: Tobias Salathé (Bureau), Karén Jenderedjian (Armenia), Gordana Beltram (Slovenia), webmaster, Paul Mafabi (Uganda)

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Tobias glaring at the German student (left), Karén explaining to Paul Mafabi about his kewl Ramsar-SGF digital camera which (because he didn't bring the interface cables) was, and still is, completely useless.

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Prepared to defend the Ramsar Exhibit to the last fellow, the steadfast Ramsar Bureau delegation signifies its no-nonsense dedication to wetland conservation (except for Tobias, grinning (left)).

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Paul Mafabi (Uganda), Vice-Chairman of the Ramsar Standing Committee, discusses the upcoming Olympics 2000 in Sydney, Australia, in September, with Dr Nick Davidson of Ramsar, and places early bets.

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Luis Costas (Portugal), Gordana Beltram (Slovenia), and Tobias Salathé (Switzerland), hack the magnificent Ramsar Exhibit into little pieces for shipping back to its homeland.

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The Ramsar webmaster, having cheerfully distributed Ramsar printed materials to all comers for the past week, even more cheerfully trashes everything that's left over.

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Semi-relaxing after the Millennium Events in a pub in the Québec old city boasting 1,114 different kinds of beer, Gordana Beltram (Slovenia), Nick Davidson (Bureau), Philippe Gerbeaux (New Zealand), and Tobias Salathé (Bureau).

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Ms G. Beltram, Slovenian national focal point for a number of Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs), dives into her dinner, with assistance from the Ramsar Deputy Secretary General

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Several acolytes of Chris Tydeman, WWF-UK (left), surprised during their meditations