Peel-Yalgorup Ramsar Site project boosted by state funding

Peel-Yalgorup Ramsar Site project boosted by state funding

14 July 2017


The Peel-yalgorup Ramsar Site is the most important area for waterbirds and waders in Southwest Australia, regularly supporting over 20,000 individuals. The system supports a regionally important estuarine fishery. The area is used extensively for recreational purposes.

The Peel-Harvey Catchment Council, a community based Natural Resource Management organisation, has been successful in securing $20,000 through the state Government’s new Local Projects, Local Jobs Program.

The funding will provide a much needed boost to the project dedicated to the Peel-Yalgorup Ramsar Site. The 26,500 hectare Peel-Yalgorup Wetland of International Importance includes the estuary and lakes in the Yalgorup National Park.

The funding will enable botanical surveys at 18 sites throughout the wetland system, measuring the extent and composition of vegetation, with a focus on saltmarshes using aerial monitoring.  

Saltmarshes play a critical role in food webs and contain many different types of plants and animals including crustaceans, molluscs, worms and insects that form an important part of the diet of birds including species that migrate from the northern hemisphere during our summer.  The saltmarshes of this system are also a federally-listed threatened ecological community (TEC).  It is important to monitor these features of the wetlands to protect them for future generations.

The field-based botanical surveys will commence in October 2017. Results from the survey will be available as a final report through the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council also shared with communities, with federal, state and local Government departments as well as the Peel-Yalgorup System Ramsar Technical Advisory Group.

“The funds will enable a more detailed assessment of the  saltmarshes and other vegetation in the Ramsar Site and give us a benchmark against which we can measure how we are doing in protecting these irreplaceable natural assets,” PHCC chairman Andy Gulliver said.

“The Peel-Harvey Catchment Council would like to acknowledge that funding for this project was made possible through the Peel Development Commission, the Australian Government and the Government of Western Australia.”

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