New publication on India's Loktak Lake Ramsar Site

New publication on India's Loktak Lake Ramsar Site

29 October 2004

The Atlas of Loktak

Wetlands International, Loktak Development Authority, and India-Canada Environment Facility have brought out a publication 'Atlas of Loktak lake' that presents information on ecological, hydrological and socio-economic aspects of this Wetland of International Importance in India. The book is the outcome of the project on sustainable development and water resources management of Loktak Lake with financial support provided by India-Canada Environmental Facility.

Loktak lake is the largest wetland in the northeast of India, traditionally used for agriculture and fisheries. The book explains the history of the lake and provides detailed information on key wetland features related to hydrological regimes, catchment status, community relationships, resources utilisation and wildlife conservation. The special chapter is dedicated to Keibul Lamjao National Park, an important habitat for Sangai Deer. The Atlas is illustrated with a wealth of data and maps. It is hoped that it will serve as an invaluable resource for local government, academic and other interested people for understanding the ecological processes affecting the lake's ecosystem and informing the future planning and management of the whole catchment area.

For further information please contact: Wetlands International -South Asia Programme, A-127, Defence Colony, New Delji -11024, India.