New communications platform for wetland professionals

New communications platform for wetland professionals

5 August 2004

Wetland Professionals Platform launched at 7th INTECOL Wetlands Conference in Utrecht

At the closing session of the 7th INTECOL Conference in Utrecht, The Netherlands, on 30 July 2004, Dr. Gordana Beltram, the Chair of the Standing Committee of the Ramsar Convention, officially launched the "Wetland Professionals Platform".

The platform, a joint initiative between the RIZA institute*, Lelystad, and UNESCO-IHE (Institute for Water Education), Delft in the Netherlands, will provide space for wetland professionals worldwide to interact, exchange information, announce events and training opportunities, and much more.

Mr. Bart Fokkens, Director of the Wetland Development and Restoration Department of RIZA, briefly explained the objectives of the platform, which is an initiative of RIZA-WATC and UNESCO-IHE, and invited the conference participants to become members of the platform and take part in discussions. Gordana Beltram, on behalf of the Standing Committee of the Ramsar Convention, underlined the importance of information exchange and connectivity for wetland professionals and endorsed the activities of the platform.

All wetland professionals are invited to become members of the platform. As a member, you can find news and information on wetland management and restoration, and, what is more, you can meet colleagues in wetland management, restoration, policy and science. In the Wetland Professionals Database, people involved in wetlands present themselves and their work area. If you like, you can become a member of the Wetland Professionals Platform and make yourself traceable through the database. You can search for interesting persons with experience, skills or information that is relevant for you. You can update your own profile.

You can also take part in discussions on wetland topics or start a discussion yourself. As a member of the Platform you can log in and leave your note on the notice board or respond to other notes, find interesting and inspiring cases, tools, and formats, etc., and take part in (future) online events and projects.

To find out more, go to:

Nick Davidson
Deputy Secretary General

[* The Wetland Advisory and Training Centre, WATC, is part of the Institute for Inland Water Management and Waste Water Treatment, RIZA in Lelystad, The Netherlands]