Mongolia's Ramsar game

Mongolia's Ramsar game

21 July 2010

The Ramsar game was translated and adapted to specific local context in March 2009 by WWF Mongolia Programme Office.

Ms.Khulan who initiated producing the customized version of Ramsar game, used to work for the Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO as an Education officer and this is where she got acquainted with this game, sent from the Ramsar Secretariat. After joining WWF, she has got a financial opportunity to have the game translated and adapted to the local context. WWF Mongolia liaised with the Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO when producing the customized version. The game was published in 500 copies and the primary recipients were the school children from 11 Ramsar sites in Mongolia. It was also distributed to WWF pilot schools in the western and eastern provinces of the country as well as national and international partners.

WWF Mongolia has facilitated the celebration of World Water Day – 2010 and organized classroom activities in schools and kindergartens using the Ramsar game in the capital city, Ulaanbaatar.

The birth of this game was an important contribution to promoting the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). ESD as supported by the UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development (DESD) is seen as a key approach to foster change and improvements of the current education system within which learners at all levels can develop confidence and to become competent to support sustainability in Mongolia. WWF Mongolia was pioneering in supporting and piloting ESD approach in the country since 2004. As part of our policy to promote conservation through education, we deemed important to focus on the intellectual investment to the schools through in-service teacher training sessions and this is where the game is being introduced for promoting water education in the country.

For more information, please contact Ms.Khulan Munkh-Erdene, Communications Programme Manager and Ms.Selenge Gantumur, Education officer