Mexico's floor-sized version of the Ramsar board game

Mexico's floor-sized version of the Ramsar board game

26 February 2007

Launched at the fourth World Water Forum in Mexico in 2006, a floor-sized version of the game measuring 3m X 4.5m was produced by Cecadesu/SEMARNAT and funded by Bonafont (Danone-Mexico). This version allowed adults and children to play by teams and was customised for Mexican players through the addition or adaptation of existing questions to issues particularly relevant for Mexico (e.g., "what is the largest river in Mexico", instead of "what is the largest river in the world").

Photos by Sebastià Semene

The game board was produced in large format (3m x 4.5m) to allow players to move around on the board as the counters. Important too for the success of the game for participants and spectators were the animators who delivered the questions to the teams and made sure that everyone enjoyed themselves.

The stand was possible thanks to the collaboration of Bonafont (DANONE - Mexico), who provided sponsorship for the activity, as well as a team of volunteers who provided water to the participants and the public at the stand during the forum.

Since the Forum, the game has been used at several other international and national events in the country. Below you will find a series of pictures from the Forum where it is obvious that, while the game is targetted at children from 5-14, adults seem to have as much fun as their younger counterparts!