Latest Ramsar activities in Brazil and Colombia

Latest Ramsar activities in Brazil and Colombia

30 September 2013
Brazil, Colombia

Brazil celebrates 20 years of Ramsar membership

Twenty years after signing the Ramsar Convention, Brazil is making continuing progress in designating Ramsar Sites, consolidating its National Wetlands Committee and raising awareness about the conservation and wise use of its wetlands. The Ramsar Secretariat congratulates Brazil on its commitment and looks forward to supporting the outcomes of the recent meetings held with the Brazilian Ministries of Environmental and Foreign Affairs.

Pantanal Matogrossense Ramsar Site, which is part of the largest, permanent freshwater wetland in the Western Hemisphere in Brazil.

In September, a delegation from the Ramsar Secretariat discussed the implementation of the Convention with the Ramsar Administrative Authority and Focal Points at the Ministries of Environment and Foreign Affairs. The delegation also participated in the XIV Brazilian Limnology Congress at Bonito Mato Grosso do Sul, home of an important cluster of wetlands covering 20 million hectares (which includes three large Ramsar Sites).

At the opening of the Congress, Maria Rivera, Senior Advisor for the Americas at the Ramsar Secretariat delivered a keynote speech, highlighting the important role of the academic and scientific communities in informing effective decision-making in the country. The event was also a good opportunity to discuss the status of the Convention in Brazil and provide recommendations to overcome implementation challenges in the country .

Colombia starts the challenging process of delineating its wetlands

On 18 September, the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Research on Biological Resources organized a symposium on the "Collective construction of criteria for wetlands delineation: challenges and implications of the country" in Barranquilla, Colombia.

The Lago de Tota, the largest of Colombia’s lakes.

Maria Rivera from the Ramsar Secretariat addressed over 100 experts, highlighting Colombia’s progress in developing wetland policies, regulations and management plans. She also recommended to share the outcomes of the symposium during its 12th Conference of the Contracting Parties that will take place in Uruguay in 2015.

Report and photos by Maria Rivera, Senior Advisor for the Americas, Ramsar Secretariat