East Asian Anatidae Site Network launched

East Asian Anatidae Site Network launched

30 June 1999

Environment Agency of Japan
Wetlands International

For immediate use
14 May 1999
Costa Rica


The Environment Agency of Japan and Wetlands International have launched an international initiative to promote the conservation of ducks, geese and swans (Anatidae) in the Asia Pacific region, East Asian Anatidae Site Network, on 14 May in San José, Costa Rica. The launch was held in conjunction with the 7th Conference of the Contracting Parties of the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971) (COP7).

The Network includes 14 sites in Japan, 6 sites in Russia, 2 sites in Mongolia, 1 site in P.R China, Korea and Philippines respectively.

The East Asian Anatidae Site Network is a cooperative international programme for the conservation of Anatidae populations and their habitats, and is a network linking both sites and people. The Network has been developed under the Asia-Pacific Migratory Waterbird Conservation Strategy: 1996-2000 an initiative coordinated by Wetlands International with support from Environment Agency of Japan and Environment Australia.

The Network will greatly assist efforts to promote the conservation of migratory Anatidae populations in the East Asian Flyway through recognition and appropriate management of a network of sites of international importance.

Apart from assisting conservation activities of the site owners, managers, participating organizations and local people, the Network will also enable them to obtain international recognition for the importance of their sites and conservation efforts.

The Network Sites are sites of international importance for migratory Anatidae. These chosen sites have met criteria such as supporting more than 20,000 migratory Anatidae populations; regularly supporting more than 1% of the individuals of a population of one or more migratory Anatidae species or subspecies, or supporting appreciable numbers of a migratory Anatidae population of an unfavorable conservation status.

An international Working Group has been established to guide and support the activities of the Network.

The theme of the CoP7, "People and Wetlands - the Vital Link", is very apt because conservation of migratory waterbirds is linked closely to the well being of both wetlands and the people who depend upon them.

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Delmar Blasco, Secretary General of the Ramsar Convention, assists in the launch of the East Asian Anatidae Site Network, San José, 14 May 1999.

There is an excellent Web site for the Network hosted in English and Japanese by the Japanese Association for Wild Geese Protection: http://www.jawgp/org/anet/. [This link is now out of date.]