CREHO course on EIA in wetland management, Nov. 2007

CREHO course on EIA in wetland management, Nov. 2007

14 December 2007

International Course on Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Impact Assessment for Wetland Management

Twenty-two representatives of governments, NGOs and consultants from nine Latin American and Caribbean countries participated in an intensive 17-day theoretical and practical course on Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment for wetland management that was held in Panama from November 19th to December 5th, 2007. The course was organized by the Regional Ramsar Centre for Training and Research on Wetlands in the Western Hemisphere (CREHO) and sponsored by the Ramsar Convention and the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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The purpose of the course was to provide participants with both analytic and methodological knowledge and skills needed to use and apply environmental impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment tools within the framework of the conservation and wise use of wetlands. The curriculum was designed on the basis of guidelines concerning EIA and SEA for land planning and decision-making processes of impact assessment in the context of the Ramsar Convention.

During the course participants applied Ramsar Convention guidelines explained by María Rivera, Senior Advisor for the Americas of the Ramsar Convention Secretariat, to analyze environmental impact assessment and strategic impact assessment case studies in Panama.

The participants also reacted very enthusiastically to a role-play game representing different roles for the decision-making process in projects to be developed in wetlands.

IUCN Central America and WWF Colombia provided experiences for Strategic Environmental Assessment and NGO participation in the decision making process of Environmental Impact Assessment.

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Participants analyzed the environmental problems in the field visits to some wetlands in Panama. (Photo: CREHO)

(Photo: CREHO)

(Photo: Danilo Salas)

-- Photos by María Rivera, Ramsar, except where otherwise noted