Conservation of Iranian wetlands -- steering committee formed

Conservation of Iranian wetlands -- steering committee formed

26 January 2000

IRA/98/G42/A/1G/99 – Conservation of Iranian Wetlands

1st meeting of the Steering Committee

20–24 January 2000, Gland, Switzerland

Summary report

iran.gif (2716 bytes)From 20 to 24 January 2000, the Ramsar Convention Bureau played host to the first meeting of the Steering Committee for the project on the ‘Conservation of Iranian Wetlands’. The six-member team from the Islamic Republic of Iran was led by Mr Anoushirvan Najafi, Deputy Head of the Department of Environment and National Coordinator for the wetland project.

This is a Block B Project Development Facility (PDF-B) to establish a mechanism for the development of a full project aimed at conserving globally significant components of wetland biodiversity in a limited number of sites that are facing mounting pressures.

The main objective of the meeting was to discuss and agree arrangements for the implementation of the 12-month long project. At the meeting, the Steering Committee was established, comprising representatives of the Department of Environment, UNDP-Tehran, the Global Environment Facility, and the Ramsar Convention Bureau. A Project Coordination Team based in Tehran and led by the Department of Environment will be responsible for the day-to-day coordination of the project. Outputs from the meeting include a detailed project work plan and schedule of activities, and Terms of Reference for both the Steering Committee and the Project Coordination Team. The second meeting of the Steering Committee is scheduled to take place in the Tehran in the second half of February, in conjunction with a national workshop to sensitize stakeholders about the process and requirements for a GEF-financed project.

Additional note

The visit provided an opportunity for discussions on the implementation of the Ramsar Convention in the country, including current and future SGF projects and the management of Ramsar sites. Plans for the World Wetlands Day 2000 celebrations to be held in the historic city of Ramsar on the shores of the Caspian Sea were also discussed. There was also some welcome talk of a soon-to-be designated Ramsar site, to be announced in early February.