Brazil produces a very elegant Ramsar outreach product

Brazil produces a very elegant Ramsar outreach product

26 September 2000

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Exemplary outreach device from Brazil

The Ministry of Environment of Brazil, specifically the Protected Areas National Program in the Secretariat of Biodiversity and Forests, has produced an extraordinarily attractive maxi-brochure on Ramsar sites in Brazil. Entitled "Life begins with water", the gracefully written text (available in both English and Portuguese) folds out to show brief descriptions of the Convention, the wise use principle, and Brazil's Ramsar role, with short factual blurbs on her seven Ramsar sites -- then folds out again to a fine A3-size poster with a map and photos showing the location and essential nature of all of those sites (this illustration, photographed by Sasha Belokurov from its prominent display in the Ramsar Bureau, doesn't really do justice to the real thing). Brazil has produced an especially elegant Ramsar-related outreach product that should serve as an example and an inspiration to all of our other Contracting Parties in their fulfilment of their Resolution VII.9 public-awareness obligations.

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(It's true that Brazil/Brasil is spelt differently on different pages, but do not cavil.)