Archaeology in wetlands

Archaeology in wetlands

19 July 2006

Archaeological sites - archives of nature - nature conservation - wise use

by Andreas Bauerochse and Henning Haßmann (eds.)

The publication provides the proceedings of an Archaeologists Peatland Conference 2002 in Germany which was looking into the diverse aspects of bog and peat landscapes as an archive of organic materials from historical land and resources uses as well as sources for natural and cultural history.

Thus the 25 papers of the publication cast light on peatlands under most different aspects and various European landscapes. While some of them discuss specific organic wetland findings or geophysical investigation methods, others tackle conservation problems in wet archaeological sites, ecology and vegetation and the peatlands role as dendroarchaeological archive. Two chapters go directly into the history of bog conservation, their future protection and the wise use of peatlands.

Due to the location both of the wetland-rich landscapes of Northern Germany and the venue of the conference, special attention is paid to the Ramsar sites in the Lower Saxonian region. Two papers by Hans Joosten cover international perspectives on peatland conservation, particularly under the Ramsar Convention, and the recent work of the International Mire Conservation Group and the International Peat Society in applying the Ramsar concept of "wise use" to peatland use and conservation.

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Verlag Marie Leidorf GmbH, 240 pages, €39.80. ISBN 3-89646-026-9

-- Dorothea August, Ramsar