Andorra’s Third Site

Andorra’s Third Site

27 May 2014

Andorra has completed the designation process for Parque Natural Comunal de los Valles del Comapedrosa (Parc Natural Comunal de les Valls del Comapedrosa in Catalan) as its third Ramsar Site. The Site (1,543 ha; 42°35’26”N 001°28’03”E) comprises 74 high mountain wetlands, including permanent rivers and streams, freshwater springs, small glacial lakes and non-forested peatlands, in a well-preserved landscape.

Estanys de Montmantell. Photo: Jordi Nicolau-BIOCOM

As noted by Ramsar Assistant Advisor for Europe Ms. Laura Máiz-Tomé, based on the accompanying Ramsar Information Sheet, these wetlands provide an important concentration of biodiversity and water reservoir within the Alpine biogeographic region. They support numerous endemic Pyrenean species, as well as threatened flora and fauna. Given its location at the headwaters of the Arinsal basin, the site regulates and prevents floods and ensures drinking water supply to the parish of La Massana. The main human activities affecting the Site are related to tourism, and include hiking, hunting and fishing. The park has visitor facilities such as a viewpoint at Roc de la Sabina, interpretative trails and an extensive network of footpaths. A management plan was updated in 2013, which sets the conservation objectives and regulates the activities within the park.

With this new designation, the area of Ramsar Sites in Andorra has reached 6,870 ha. This indicates the commitment of Andorra’s government to implement the Convention, in order to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of the most important wetlands in the country.

Salt d'aigua de Montmantell. Photo: Alca Films