All-Ireland cooperation on biodiversity

All-Ireland cooperation on biodiversity

12 October 2007
Ireland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Crown dependencies)

"First Joint Meeting of the Biodiversity Forum (RoI) & the Northern Ireland Biodiversity Group", Athlone, Republic of Ireland, 3rd October 2007

The first Joint Meeting of the Biodiversity Forum (RoI), chaired by Dr. Peter Wyse Jackson, and the Northern Ireland Biodiversity Group, chaired by Bob Brown, took place in Athlone the 3rd of October 2007 as part of the Annual Biodiversity Conference organized by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government from the Republic of Ireland.

Attended by a group of 16 people representing the two advisory bodies, the meeting aimed at launching a common strategy on potential issues for all Ireland cooperation.

The meeting opened with introductory remarks by the co-chairs, followed by fruitful discussions exploring which areas should be prioritized and how - in practice - the two groups will share their implementation. Eventually coordinated management of cross border sites and catchment areas were recognized as the first important step to where their cooperative efforts should be directed.

The Ramsar Secretariat was delighted to take part in this event and expresses its best wishes to Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland to further strengthen their cooperative efforts in wetland conservation, with the hope that such a good example of international cooperation could also serve as a model for other countries.

Monica Zavagli - Ramsar Secretariat