3 new Ramsar Sites in Algeria for World Environment Day

3 new Ramsar Sites in Algeria for World Environment Day

3 June 2011

The Ramsar Secretariat is delighted to announce that the Government of Algeria has designated three new Wetlands of International Importance on the occasion of World Environment Day (WED). A full description of the three new Ramsar Sites is accessible here.

With these new designations, the Algerian Government renews its commitment to ensure the conservation and wise use of its Ramsar Sites so as to maintain the full range of benefits that wetlands can provide for people (e.g., livelihoods, health, culture) and the environment (e.g., in supporting biodiversity). Algeria now has 50 sites on the Ramsar List, totaling 2,991,013 hectares. The Ramsar Secretariat encourages other Contracting Parties to develop and maintain the List as the largest network of protected areas in the world.

"It is now more important than ever to gain community support for the designation and sustainable management of future Ramsar Sites," says Nick Davidson, DSG of the Ramsar Convention. "Experience has shown that sites with such support have a greater chance of being conserved successfully."

This year’s theme for WED is “Forests: Nature at your service”. Ramsar’s contribution to the International Year of Forests includes a leaflet prepared in collaboration with the United Nations Forum on Forests for event organisers to encourage and assist them in organizing World Wetlands Day (WWD) activities that focus upon forests, wetlands and forested wetlands in their national or local setting.

The Ramsar Secretariat joins with the international community to celebrate World Environment Day and hopes that Ramsar countries will designate more forested wetlands as Ramsar Sites – a gift to Ramsar and themselves in this International Year of Forests!