Ramsar COP8 - Brief report and photos: day four

Ramsar COP8 - Brief report and photos: day four

22 novembre 2002
"Wetlands: water, life, and culture"
8th Meeting of the Conference of the Contracting Parties
to the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar, Iran, 1971)
Valencia, Spain, 18-26 November 2002

Day Four of the Ramsar COP

Day 4, Thursday, 21 November, began at a very early hour for a catch-up plenary session for last Tuesday's review of a number of Draft Resolutions and Recommendations, and then got into Technical Session 2: "Baselines for sustainable use: wetland inventory and assessment" for the rest of morning, and spent the afternoon with Technical Session 3: "Global biological diversity and sustence of human life: the Ramsar List of International Importance". Both Tech Sessions, in their regional break-out meetings, made further progress in negotiating amendments to the Draft Resolutions under study. The side events, which were many and varied, included a presentation on lake biodiversity conservation and Ramsar linkages by LakeNet, an IUCN discussion on NEPAD water and environment programmes, Wetlands International's introduction to the Asian Wetland Inventory, presentations on shrimp aquaculture by the Industrial Shrimp Action Network and the Mangrove Action Project, an introduction to the new database system by the UNEP/Global Environment Facility Coordination, and a Ramsar and UNCTAD BIOTRADE presentation on sustainable trade in wetland products, among many others. For details, consult the ENB's daily reports at http://www.iisd.ca/linkages/ramsar/cop8/.

Technical Session 2: invited expert Max Finlayson at the lectern. At the table, from left, Nick Davidson, Nadra Nathai-Gyan, Dave Pritchard, and Andrea Athanas

Lisa Borre presenting the LakeNet programme and outlining potential organizational links with Ramsar

Pauline Lynch-Stewart describing the Canadian "Wetkit" educational possibilities for use by other sites and organizations.

Paul Mafabi of Uganda chairing the Committee on the Strategic Plan, with Nick Davidson's help, through one of its many meetings throughout the week.
Beatriz Torres of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility and Bert Lenten, head of the African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbird Agreement of the CMS.
(Right center) Inga Racinska, formerly of the Ramsar Bureau, now part of the Latvian delegation.

Technical session 3: (from left), Alex de Sherbinin of CIESIN, Ramsar's Nick Davidson, Louise Lakos of Hungary as Chairperson, and Paul Mafabi of Uganda. (Right) Doug Taylor, Wetlands International.


The delegations of Belize, Benin, and Bolivia

Ramsar's Carlos Villalba (center) and colleagues at the technical station in the plenary hall

BirdLife's John O'Sullivan with a pen in his mouth, and Dave Pritchard

The photographer
The photographer's photographer (Emma Woodward, Australia)

Another photographer, with a lens the size of Delaware (Leslie Paas of Earth Negotiations Bulletin)

The ENB team at work in the Technical Session plenary

The Ramsar documentation centre team: Montse Riera and Lali Caballé
Ramsar staff in plenary: Jia Ma, Anada Tiéga, Simon Rafanomezantsoa


The Czech delegation
The delegation of Norway


The delegations of the FYR of Macedonia (left) and Togo
The delegation of Ireland

Demonstration outside the venue