Launching of Ondia and the 7 wonder Wetlands film project in Huatulco, Mexico

Launching of Ondia and the 7 wonder Wetlands film project in Huatulco, Mexico

7 de febrero de 2011

On the occasion of the 40th Anniversary celebrations of the Ramsar Convention in Huatulco, Mexico, the Ramsar Convention Secretariat presented the 3D “docutale” project entitled Ondia and the 7 wonder Wetlands on the evening of 31 January 2011. This film project with Upside Television shows the wonders of wetlands and the urgent need to protect them, mission that has been undertaken by the Ramsar Convention, its 160 member countries and its many dedicated partners worldwide. 

This 3D tale tells the story of a 10 year-old girl, Ondia, from the Sao Paulo poor neighbourhoods. Filmed and drawn with 3D technology, this project is a unique mix between animation and reality. Ondia leaves the city and travels all over the world to save the Seven Wonder Wetlands: the Coorong lagoon in Australia, Sam Roi Yot Mangrove forests in Thailand, the Paramos of los Nevados in Colombia, the Mekong River in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, the Wadden Sea in Germany, Netherlands and Denmark, the Berbak Peatlands in Indonesia, and lake Nokoué in Benin.

The tale demonstrates that even if wetlands are facing serious ecological challenges, these can be solved by good management that sustains wetland ecosystems for people and for nature.

About a hundred people attended the projection, which was warmly welcomed. Viewers said they were touched by the messages of the teaser and that they were keen to hear more about Ondia’s adventures. Upside Television is now looking for sponsors who are willing to invest in this project and in broadcasting the film on public TV channels. The Ramsar Secretariat hopes this project will raise awareness on the need to preserve wetlands and their services worldwide.